Reflections and Thanks following an Incredible Four Years

Just a little over four years ago, Penny and I indulged the wild idea that we could create a “boutique” family law firm toward providing my valued clients “concierge service” and otherwise practicing in a uniquely elevated manner.  I made the leap from being a long-time partner at the biggest firm in Ventura County, and Herring Law Group was thus born.

Longtime friend, Erin, eagerly(as always) joined in.  She helped set up the initial logistics, from computers and tech systems to employees and payroll services.  If you have not already heard the stories, buy me a beer and ask about “Erin Schaden Day,” which is every December 17!  December 17, 2014 was a truly awful and also awesome day for HLG!

Deanna was one of our first hires.  She worked from folding tables and chairs while we planned and built-out our initial (Ventura County) office!

Penny, a professional interior designer, had the skills to know “where the walls should go” and otherwise how our space could shine.  Erin and Deanna persevered through the dust and commotion as her plans were realized!

As we began rolling, Ruston was becoming a free agent of his own, wanting to move his Santa Barbara practice closer to his family in Ventura.  Having“experienced” Ruston’s litigation skills first hand (ouch!) as opposing counsel on prior cases, I highly admired him and was awed at the prospect of having him join.

Cyndi flew into our orbit.  She is, first, a positive and engaging shining light as a human being.  She is, second, a premier paralegal.

Teresa initially joined us as a clerk, but quickly began expanding her professional responsibilities andpresence. 

By 2016, we already needed another attorney.  We recruited Cassandra, who was working with a premier family law firm in San Francisco, but wanted to relocate to Santa Barbara.  Like Penny and Ruston, she has UCSB “Gaucho” cred, and her Hastings Law School credentials caught our attention. 

A longtime goal was to open a Santa Barbara office.  I’ve always had cases here, but my prior firm was not focused past the Ventura County line.  HLG accomplished our SB opening inmid-2016.  Our clients, and we, too, love our quiet and beautiful “Upper Village” Montecito location!

In 2017 Morgan joined as our fourth attorney.   Already practicing family law here, she boasted an impressive journalism background.  She and Cassandra are developing as well-rounded litigators and as leaders in our legal community, especiallythrough Santa Barbara Women Lawyers.

With our expanding practice, weseriously “staffed up” this year, hiring quick-learning (!) paralegal, Brittany, and also Natalie, Sara, Courtney, and Angela.

We recently held our fourth annual HLG luncheon at the Ojai Valley Inn. Penny and I enjoyed watching everyone and their happy spouses/significant others enjoy the great meal, and each other’s company and fellowship.  That was our reward.  We sincerely and humbly thank our team for joining us in our wild idea!