Herring Imming Supports Santa Barbara Women Lawyers’ Annual Award Ceremony

At year’s end, Santa Barbara Women Lawyers (https://www.sbwl.org) hosted another successful Annual Award Ceremony. Herring Imming attorneys, Taylor Fuller and Victoria Diffenderfer, attended. This annual gathering remains a distinguished occasion recognizing the remarkable individuals and organizations making strides in the Santa Barbara legal community.

Established in 1998, SBWL is a nonprofit dedicated to championing the varied interests of women lawyers in Santa Barbara. It endeavors to make a positive impact on new attorneys, law students, and aspiring legal scholars. It does so through initiatives such as presenting continuing legal education, assessing judicial office applicants, providing mentoring programs, and more. SBWL takes a holistic approach, addressing internal and external barriers that impede women in their pursuit of social and professional parity.

Serving the broader community, SBWL fosters connections with other professional and women’s organizations, facilitating collaborative efforts.

HI extends warm congratulations to the recipients of 2023’s prestigious awards. Lisa Franklin received the well-deserved Attorney of the Year Award. Trusted Legal earned the Female Friendly Law Firm Award. Santa Barbara County Counsel received the Family Friendly Law Firm Award. Each exhibits a commitment to excellence and a dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive legal environment.

HI, the recipient of the Female Friendly Law Firm Award in 2019, gained the honor after undergoing a comprehensive vetting process that evaluated various facets of our policies and practices. This encompassed a thorough examination of our hiring history, compensation and benefits packages, employee handbook, and discussions with our attorneys. The recognition speaks to our ongoing commitment to creating an environment that values and respects the contributions of our female professionals and staff.

In commemorating this event, HI reaffirms its commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and a supportive culture within our local legal community. We are inspired by SBWL’s great efforts.