Congratulations to Ventura Coast Law

Ventura County has a new law firm, “Ventura Coast Law,” located in Newbury Park. My former law partners, Doug Goldwater and Jesse Cahill, are two of its principals. We met in the 2000’s, working for Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP. As a partner at FCOP struggling to deal with a burgeoning family law practice, I was pleased to have Doug and Jesse as bright young resources to whom I could delegate.

I then enjoyed seeing them develop into competent and honorable practitioners. Doug built his own family law practice. Jesse focuses on estate planning (I admired him so much I hired him to handle my family’s own work!). They are good attorneys and good people.

Having left FCOP nearly seven years ago to found Herring Law Group, I remember the various and sometimes intense stresses of “making the jump” — it is not easy. But the independence allowing streamlined systems, the highest standards, and esprit de corps through one’s own “boutique" firm can make it all worth it.

On a lighter note, I recall pulling a trick on Doug early on — shortly after he was accepted into the State Bar in late 2004. I called him mere minutes prior to his first solo court appearance and “reminded” him that he would need his Bar card in order to enter the courtroom and do his job. (That is not really a requirement, and I do not think he even had his card yet!) He’s a smart guy and quickly perceived the ruse (although his heart might have skipped a beat or two!). The “hazing” generated plenty of laughs at FCOP, and Doug graciously accepted it with his own smile.

HLG salutes Ventura Coast Law as it cuts a new path and surely enjoys future success.