Community Support — PK Studios Jewelry

As our HLG website will soon reflect (we are adding a new “tab” on the topic), we substantially support a number of local and other non-profit groups. HLG is community-minded and involved. We are fortunate, and we appreciate our success. “Giving” is a way of supporting and applauding all who give their time, funds, and energy toward building and maintaining the social fabric — especially in these fraught times.

Pitching in is my awesome wife, Penny.  A designer and artist, she is selling her handmade jewelry creations on Instagram and donating all profits to aid Help of Ojai’s Community Assistance Program. She uses precious metal clay and kilns it in exquisitely detailed brass molds from Afghanistan. She purchased the molds at weekend markets in the 1990’s while living with her then-expat family in Islamabad, Pakistan — but that is another story!

Her Instagram site is @pkherring. As she describes it: “Handmade fine silver earrings with 24k gold vermeil ear wires. Everything is marked down 40%. Payments can be through Venmo or personal check. I can mail to directly to purchaser or to gift recipient. I will be posting more in the coming days!”

We do what we can, and we can do a lot. Thanks, Penny, for doing this one part!