Another Successful Annual Trial Basics Seminar!

Our American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Southern California Chapter presented its seventh annual Trial Basics Seminar through Zoom on June 10. Herring Law Group founded the program in 2015. It has become a major annual event. We are pleased to continually host eager and focused family law lawyers from throughout Southern California.

Our Chapter presents TBS at no cost to our students – not a cent has ever been charged! We provide substantial Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Credits to boot!

As South Carolina AAML Fellow and former National President, James T. McClaren, once put it, each family law case has different needs. Our AAML Fellows recognize the availability of various alternative courses of resolution. But we believe that if a case cannot be settled, then the consequence is that the courts are there to decide the issues. Our job is to be prepared to expertly litigate those cases to their logical ends.

We have been blessed each year by the active presence of family law guru and friend, Garrett Dailey, as our moderator. Garrett’s contributions to California Family Law, through his Attorney’s Briefcase legal research and update service, annual Family Law Boot Camp, Family Law 101, and Year in Review seminars, plus advocacy in the trial and appellate courts are unparalleled.

TBS is a fast-moving event. We gave a whopping 22 presentations throughout the day. Topics ranged in chronological order from Pre-trial Discovery Planning all the way through to Appellate Considerations. Our audience continually interacted with us via Zoom’s “chat” and “Q&A” features.

Sincere thanks to all who made it happen: Garrett, Chris Melcher, Robert Benavente, Sandra Mayberry, Annette Hall, “newbie” Kyle Siems, and Justice Sheila Sonenshine (ret.). Supporting all of us was one of HLG’s Legal Administrators, Kristiné Kirschke — without whom we could not have succeeded as we did.

In the seven years that our Chapter has presented TBS, we have educated over 1,000 family law attorneys throughout California! It remains a huge pleasure and honor to continue serving as TBS’ Dean and an ongoing presenter.